Kurds commemorate 32nd anniversary of 1991 uprising; PUK President delivers speech

Pictures are seen in the commemoration ceremony of the 1991 Kurdish uprising, in Raniya, the town where it all began to topple the brutal government of Saddam Hussain, where Bafel Talabani delivers a speech on the eve, Mar. 5, 2023. (Photo: Esta Media Network)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Sunday marked the 32nd anniversary of the 1991 Kurdish uprising that began in Raniya, the “gateway” of the uprising against the former Iraqi regime, then led by Dictator Saddam Hussein.

The uprising against former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein first began in the town of Raniya on March 5, 1991. The uprising soon took a wider form and the Kurds in other cities and towns quickly took up arms until the expulsion of the Iraqi army.

On Sunday morning, a special ceremony was held in commemoration of the 1991 revolt by people from the town where it all began, where the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) President delivered a speech on the eve.

“32 years ago, the people of Kurdistan rose against the most brutal regimes, toppling the government of dictator Saddam Hussein,” said Talabani in a minutes-long speech on a stage in Raniya, where thousands of people attended in commemoration of the uprising.

Talabani expressed worries that the people had revolted for freedom, however, “neither the PUK nor the people are not satisfied with the current situation of Kurdistan,” he said.

“One of the reasons which brought me here is to apologize,” Talabani added in the speech in concern about today’s people’s complaints. “The blood that you have shed, the service that you have offered have not been respected enough.”

“I extend my all-out promise to preserve Kurdistan, to reunify Kurdistan, this is how we can respect the blood of our martyrs. Let’s make this day an opportunity to extend the hand of peace to all Kurdish political parties.”

“We don’t want to divide the Kurdistan Region. The Kurdistan Region is ours, we built the Kurdistan Region. People have shed their blood for the Kurdistan Region.”

In the meantime, commemorating the 32nd anniversary of the Kurdish uprising, the Kurdistan Region Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani said the success of the glorious Kurdish uprising was the product of the Kurdish people’s unity and the PUK.


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