‘Father’ hangs his teenage daughter to death in Erbil: police

File – Kurdish policemen are pictured in a neighborhood in Erbil

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — A “father” in the Kurdistan Region Capital, Erbil, has hanged his teenage daughter to death, police on Friday said in a statement.

A teenage girl who was reportedly 16 years old has been hanged to death in Erbil’s Mufti neighborhood by her “father”, police confirmed the incident.

The father immediately fled from the crime scene and investigations to find the perpetrator continue, police in the statement added.

It further stated that the “father” is narcotic drugs addict and has been arrested several times for committing different crimes, however, he bailed out from prison.

“The teenage girl had been savagely tortured before his death,” according to reports from forensic medicine.

Kurdistan Region Independent Commission of Human Rights strongly condemned the incident in a statement.

“We strongly condemn this atrocity,” it said.

The  Commission also called on the security forces to intensify their efforts to bring the perpetrator to justice, according to the statement.

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