German Deputy Consul General praises PUK President’s efforts for peace, stability

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) President, Bafel Talabani, received the German Deputy Consul General in Kurdistan Region, Sven Mossler, on Thursday in Sulaimani, a statement from Talabani’s media office read.

In a meeting, the officials discussed the latest political, security, and economic developments, the statement said.

The pair also highlighted Kurdistan-Baghdad relations, stressing finding a “national” permanent solution and laying emphasis on unifying the efforts, the statement added.

During the meeting, discussions also touched upon the issue of reorganizing the Peshmerga forces.

“Our efforts continue to reorganize the Peshmerga forces and build a solid national force,” said Talabani, according to the statement.

Talabani further referred to the global coalition forces’ support in the process of the Peshmerga reorganization, underlining its “significance”.

“The coalition’s support will accelerate the process,” Talabani added.

Meanwhile, in return, the German diplomat reiterated Germany’s support to the Kurdistan Region.

Moreover, he also praised Talabani’s efforts, particularly for having an important and effective role in the political process, and making steps toward stability and peace in the country.

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