KIU commemorates anniversary of ‘raiding’ of its headquarters

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) on Tuesday commemorated the 17th anniversary of “raiding” its headquarters in Badinan area, Kurdistan Region, where also dozens of the party’s officials were killed in 2005.  

Back then, on December 6, 2005, when the Region political parties were in the midst of the elections campaign for the Iraqi national election, the KIU headquarters, and offices in Badinan area, particularly in the city of Duhok were raided and burned down by unknown assailants.

At least four members of the KIU leadership council were killed along with three other of its members during the period of the raid on the party’s headquarters there.

KIU had blamed the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) for the raid.

So far, details of the incident remained unclear.

“December, 6, is the commemoration of Badinan Martyrs, and the scene of looting, killers, the smoke of burned HQs, and a slaughtered freedom,” said KIU leader Salahadin Bahadin Tuesday in a statement for the anniversary.

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