Mass burial ceremony held for victims of gas explosion

A view of a scene after a large gas cylinder exploded in a residential area in the northern Iraqi city of Sulaimani, Iraq, November 17, 2022. REUTERS/Stringer

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — A mass burial ceremony was held in Sulaimani on Saturday for the victims who were killed in Thursday’s night Sulaimani gas explosion.

A deadly gas explosion that resulted from an LPG cylinder on a house killed 15 members of one family in Kaziwa neighborhood while leaving 12 others injured.

The horrific blast also caused the structural collapse of their three-story house. This tragic incident was amid a family gathering in the evening hours for dinner.

Sulaimani governor Haval Abubak immediately announced “day of national mourning” following the incident.

Esta Media Network has learned that the bodies of the victims were buried at Kalakan graveyard after the city held a mass descent ceremony with the attendance of dozens of Kurdish officials, including Kurdish Region Vice President Jaafar Sheikh Mustafa.

Hundreds of governmental vehicles from the security forces to traffic police accompanied the ambulances that carried the coffins of the victims, transferring them to Kalakn graveyard.

Thousands of people lined up on the streets, particularly health workers as well as students to pay their respect to the victims of that tragic incident, particularly because most dead were school pupils when the ambulances arrived from Sulaimani forensic medicine.


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