Kurdistan Region Vice President sends message to parties that challenge PUK

Kurdistan Region Vice President Jaafar Sheikh Mustafa meets a U.S. military delegation in Erbil, November 10, 2021.

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Kurdistan Region Vice President Jaafar Sheikh Mustafa on Tuesday has sent out a harsh message to parties that challenge the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK).

Speaking on a televised program the vice President highlighted that “It’s time to say we don’t accept it and stop,” he said without explicitly mentioning any sides.

Moreover, Mustafa pointed out to how the parties exploited the “compromises” the PUK made in the past for the sake of the public. he said that “PUK has done considerable compromises for protecting the Regions entity but it has been exploited by some parties.”

“We choose to be silent for the sake of our people,” he quoted.

Furthermore, Mustafa has warned parties that seek to challenge the PUK, particularly in terms of “power”.

“We accept nothing from any parties, even if the issue is power, we are not afraid of anyone,” and “All options are open before the PUK,” Mustafa continued, without elaborating.

Despite the harsh Mustafa’s words, he did not conceal that the people’s interest is their main priority before anything else.

He also stressed his commitment to support the President of the PUK, Bafel Talabani who already initiated reforms. “I completely support President Talabani’s efforts for the steps that he initiated for reforms.”

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