One soldier was killed in clashes with terrorists north of Baghdad, says SMC

Iraqi forces search the area in Tarmiyah, 35 kilometers (20 miles) north of Baghdad on February 20, 2021. (AFP photo)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — One Iraqi soldier was killed with an officer injured in clashes with terrorists amid an operation in al-Tarmiyah area north of Baghdad, said the Security Media Cell-SMC on Saturday.   

Iraqi SMC in a statement confirmed that one Iraqi soldier was killed along with an officer injured during a security operation in Salahadin’s governorate al-Tarmiyah area, situated in the north of the Iraqi capital.

It also raveled that during the operation two terrorists were killed by the Iraqi forces.

“A force from Baghdad Operations Command was able to monitor the movements of terrorists within the orchards in al-Tarmiyah district, north of the capital,” SMC in the statement said.

“The security force besieged the place and clashed with the terrorist members, as it managed to kill two terrorists, one of whom was wearing an explosive belt,” it added.

The SMC did not elaborate on the status of the terrorists that they clashed with whether they were the Islamic State militants or other groups, it just used the term “terrorists”.

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