MPs warn of Badinan Prisoner’s ‘poor health’ inside Erbil’s prison

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Dozens of members of the Kurdistan Region parliament warned on Tuesday that Badinan Prisoners are in an extreme condition of poor health after they have gone on a hunger strike for nearly a month. 

A Group of journalists and activists are being held inside Erbil’s prison, allegedly charged with undermining the Kurdistan Region’s national security. However, some of them are in jail even without receiving a trial.

The Group known as Badinan prisoners, have gone on a hunger strike for 26 days, saying in a message that they were deprived of some legal rights in the prison.

“The legal conditional-release right was being manipulated by the general prosecutor, “There were attempts by a political party to intervene and strip us from that right” the Prisoners in the message said, directed to the Human rights watchdogs.

30 MPs from the Kurdistan Region parliament in a statement have warned the authorities in Erbil, saying “The Prisoners are valid to go through conditional-release right”, but “Unfortunately they are deliberately being held inside the prison”.

“The prisoners have gone on a hunger strike for 26 days, they are near to death and living in poor health, therefore the prison’s director should have to execute his duty,” it said.

This is a general issue it is the duty of all sides to express serious commitments and show their stance, because the prisoners are activists and journalists they are detained because of conducting civil movements and demonstrations thus threatening democracy as well as the freedom of expression, A human rights observer said.

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