Ex-Iraqi vice President calls to hold parliament session at ‘anywhere’ in Iraq

Head of Iraqi Civil National Front Ayad Allawi speaks in a press conference in Baghdad, October 16, 2021. (NINA photo)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Iraq’s prominent political figure and former vice president Ayad Allawi on Friday called to hold a parliament session at ‘anywhere’ in Iraq as the Sadrist supporters continue the sit-in preventing the parliament to convene. 

Ex-vice president and head of the National coalition Ayda Allawi called to have a parliamentary session “anywhere in Iraq” to choose a new Iraqi president and form a government, according to Iraqi media.

Since late July the supporters of the Sadrist movement which led by powerful Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr have stormed the parliament building inside Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone, where the country’s crucial local and foreign institutions are located.

Sadr firmly opposes the formation of a government based on the results of Iraq’s last parliamentary election which was held in October 2021, meanwhile his main political rival, the Shiite coordination framework is insisting to initiate the process and start to form the government with the parties and demanding Sadr to respect the parliament.

Allawi asked to respect the constitution entitlements including the parliament as the core value of democracy that represent the people and elected by the Iraqis.

“The only thing left is to respect the constitution entitlements, by holding a parliament session anywhere in Iraq to choose or approve a president of the republic,” He said.

Regarding Sadr’s call for an early election, Allawi said that the only way for an early election is the formation of a government that paves the way for the process based on a just electoral law and an election commission.

Iraq suffers from the longest political stalemate since the MPs have failed to convene inside the parliament to vote for a new government, after 10 months of the post-election period, That’s the longest period since the 2003 U.S. invasion that reset the political order.

Up to this point, the country has been without a president and prime minister because of the stalemate.


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