Coordination supporters announce sit-in, demanding acceleration of government formation

Supporters of Hashid al-Shaabi former paramilitary alliance protest against election results outside Green Zone in Baghdad, December 27, 2021. (NINA photo)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The Shiite coordination framework on Friday announced a sit-in in Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone entrance for accelerating the government formation.

In spite of the sit-in that was held since late last July by the supporters of powerful Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr inside the fortified Green Zone of Baghdad, the coordination supporters as well have held a protest today and announced an open sit-in this evening in the entrance of Green Zone, according to Iraq media.

Sadr’s supporters call for the dissolution of the current parliament and hold an early election, however, the supporters of the coordination demanded the acceleration of the government formation process and chanted in contrast to Sadr’s demands.

In a statement released after today’s protest, the coordination called on the speaker of the Iraqi parliament to end the suspension of the parliament session which he recently announced after Sadr’s supporters stormed the parliament building.

The coordination has also stressed that it fully supports the judicial authority and denounced any attempts that degrade the Iraqi parliament, and asked the Kurdish parties to decide on the President’s position.

Earlier today the coordination supporters amid nationwide protest in all Iraqi provinces raised banners calling for the formation of a ‘national’ and ‘service’ government immediately to end the country’s political deadlock.

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