Authorities say PJAK senior commander confirmed dead amid Turkish drone attack in Syria

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SULAIMANI (ESTA) — A senior Kurdish commander of the Kurdistan Free Life Party was confirmed dead on Wednesday in a Turkish drone strike carried out on August. 6 in Qamishli city.

Co-President of local affairs board in Kurdish-controlled province of Jazira in northeast Syria Hamrin Ali told a press conference, “Amid the Aug. 6 Turkish drone attack a senior commander of PJAK has been killed”.

“Commander Yusif Mohammed Rabani who was in Qamishil for a visit was confirmed dead amid the attack,” Ali said.

“Rabani was transferred to hospital immediately after the drone attack was hit their vehicle along several of his companions” however, “He died in the hospital” Ali added.

Earlier on Saturday, Internal security forces in Qamishli said a vehicle was hit by a Turkish drone strike killing at least four people and wounding two.

“Despite the massive material damage that was caused by the attack, two children are among the dead, and the wounds suffer from severe injuries,” it said on Aug.6 attack.

Turkey has escalated its airstrike in northern Syria in which the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic forces held a large scale of territory.

The country says the attacks aim to eradicate the threats to Turkey’s national security by targeting the Kurdish groups and other linked armed forces.

Turkey’s attacks have increased since July 1 when Turkish president Erdogan said that a new operation in northern Syria could begin at any moment.

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