Peshmerga Ministry hands over Commander to court, alleged by killing protester in Kifri

Security forces use tear gas to disperse protesters in Sulaimani city, December 11, 2020. (Anadolu Agency)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — A Peshmerga commander with six of his companions in Kifri town handed over to the court by the Peshmerga ministry on Tuesday after they were allegedly killed a protester in 2020. 

Garmian administration police spokesperson Ali Jamal Qaduri in a statement told Esta Media Network that, previously on December 10, 2020, amid a protest that took place in the town of Kifri in Garmian administration, a citizen named Shirwan Mohammed Shkur was shot dead.

“Following the incident, the court issued an arrest warrant for several suspects including a Peshmerga commander nicknamed Haji Osman along with six of his companions, and the decision was sent to the Peshmerga ministry,” according to the spokesperson’s words.

“On Tuesday Peshmerga Ministry has handed over the commander and six of his companions to the Garmian police in order to execute the court’s decision,” Qaduri on a phone call told Esta.

“The suspects are currently detained in Kalar inside the police custody, and await their trial,” he said.

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