One wounded in land mine blast in Sulaimani – directorate

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — A Deminer was wounded in a land mine blast in Sulaimani said the general directorate of land mine affairs on Sunday.

In a statement, the directorate said that earlier this morning one of their Deminers was wounded amid defusing a mine in Goizha Mountain.

“The blast occurred at 6:30 a.m. of local time and Deminer Faryadoon Muhammed was wounded,” it said.

Muhammad’s injuries are minor and he survived the blast, according to the Directorate.

“He survived the blast due to wearing protective gears,”, and “The blown up land mine was [type 72] brand,” the directorate said.

Type 72 Non-Metallic is a Chinese circular, plastic-bodied landmine which is designed to damage or destroy a vehicle by blast effect, according to military sources.

Goizha Mountain is the closest hill outside of Sulaimani city and a popular spot to picnic or watch the sunset.

It is a populous area, and Many locals and outsiders visit the mountain in particular during summer times.

Most of the border areas in the Kurdistan Region are planted with dangerous land mines, it dates back to when the Ba’ath regime was ruling in Iraq, they were mostly planted amid the Iraq-Iran war from 1980 to 1988 to prevent any advance of the Iranian forces.

And another aim of Ba’ath’s land-mining process in the Kurdistan areas was to damage the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters who fought against the Ba’ath regime in the Kurdistan mountains.

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