Peshmerga Ministry urges investigation over insulting Peshmerga fighter by PMF

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The Kurdistan Region Ministry of Peshmerga urged investigation after a Kurdish Peshmerga was beaten and insulted by the PMF militants in Salahadin governorate on Saturday.  

A Kakayi religion Kurdish Peshmerga was insulted by the PMF militants or Hashed al-Shaabi, he was beaten and forcibly shaved his hair and the kakayi religious custom (mustache) by a unit of the militants.

The incident took place in Amerli Shiite-Turkmen populated town in the Salahadin governorate.

Following the incident, the Kurdistan Region Peshmerga ministry released a statement and demanded a swift formation of an investigation committee to detain the suspects.

“In an awful incident, a unit of PMF insulted Peshmerga Ayman Abdi Jasim”, and “the unit degraded Jasim in a very ugly way,” The ministry in the statement said.

“This action is not acceptable, we demand Kirkuk’s security forces, to form an investigation committee immediately and hand over the suspects to be prosecuted,” it said.

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