Baghdad sends at least 31 million dollars to Kurdistan Region’s farmers

Farmers harvest wheat crops in a field in Iraq (AFP photo)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Baghdad sent another payout to the Kurdistan Region government aimed to pay the Region’s farmers for selling wheat to Iraq, said the general director in the Kurdistan Region Ministry of Trade and Industry on Wednesday.

“Another payout has been received by the Region’s bank credit to be distributed over the Kurdish farmers for selling wheat to the Federal government,” said general director Nawzad Kamil in a statement.

“Sulaimani and Halabja afforded by 22 million dollars as well as Duhok and Erbil by 9 and a half-million dollars were received by them,” Kamil said.

Earlier on June 21, Iraq’s Ministry of Trade said, that wheat production has decreased by %40 in 2022 due to drought and water shortage, therefore it suffered from a massive amount of deficit in wheat production to fill the market needs.

As the result, the Ministry of Iraq decided to purchase all of the Region’s wheat in order or fill the deficit.

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