Dana Gas temporarily halts its project expansion following rocket attacks

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — UAE-based company Dana Gas has halted its project expansion in Khor Mor gas field temporarily aimed to fortify the field’s security, said the company in a statement on Monday.

In a statement Dana Gas said, it temporarily suspended the ‘KM 250’ project expansion after the field came under rocket attack three times throughout one week.

“Suspending operation aimed to fortify the field’s security,” it said.

However, production operations are Normal without interruption including gas, no damages and life losses were recorded as the result of the attacks, Dana Gas said in the statement.

“There is ongoing coordination along with the Kurdistan Region government and Iraq’s government, required security measures have already taken as well to respond the attacks” it added.

“Deploying more security forces is one of the measures,” it quoted.

Since last week’s Wednesday, three rocket attacks have been carried out on Khor Mor field.

United Arab Emirates energy company Dana Gas started production from Khor Mor in 2008. The field is located in the Qaderkarem sub-district of Chamchamal in Suliamnai province. It is one of the largest gas projects in the Kurdistan Region and produces around 452 million cubic feet per day of gas.

‘KM 250’ Company’s project aims to boost total production capacity to over 1 billion cubic feet per day by 2024.

So far, no group has claimed responsibility for the attacks targeting the Kurdistan Region’s key gas field.

Rocket and drone attacks have become more frequent in recent months, Oil and gas facilities in Iraqi Kurdistan have been attacked several times. They coincide with Baghdad’s decision that demanded the Kurdistan Region government to hand over its crude supplies.

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