Erbil witnessed spike in gasoline prices once again – reporter

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Since the late summer of 2021 the Kurdistan Region people suffer from high gasoline prices, according to Esta’s reporter in Erbil on Tuesday, the prices per all gasoline grades were spiked again by 50 Iraqi dinars (0.034$).

The rapid spike in fuel prices resulted in finical burden for the Kurdish people, several protests have taken place in Sulaimani and Erbil as well in order to pressure the government to drop the fuel prices, however, up to this point, the prices remain unchanged and even continue to hike.

Esta’ reporter in Erbil said, late on Tuesday the price of Normal grade gasoline was inclined from 1250 Iraqi dinars (IQD) to 1300. In U.S. dollars it means from (0.86$) to (0.89$). Meanwhile, in  2021, it was sold at around (0.41$)

In the meantime, for the Supreme grade, the price was hiked from, 1550 (IQD) or 1.06$ to 1575 (1.08$).

Despite the Kurdistan Region government’s efforts to drop fuel prices, the situation indicates the failure of the efforts aimed at decreasing the prices.

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