Wife and husband were shot dead in Erbil over social-related issue: reporter

Esta Media Network News

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — A social issue in Erbil resulted in the death of two people after a person has shot his own sister and his brother-in-law, Esta reporter said on Thursday.

Esta reporter in Erbil said two were shot dead in Surchian neighborhood of Erbil by a suspect over a social-related issue.

The reporter cited authorities’ words as saying that a suspect has shot his own sister and brother-in-law, it was related to the family legacy issue.

Gun violence has significantly sparked in the Kurdistan Region, earlier on Tuesday two University professors were shot dead by a student in Erbil, and it was a quite shocking incident for the Region’s people.

Homicides from gun violence have gone up, firearms availability in the Region’s black market at very cheap prices has marked a significant reason for the rising toll of gun violence, almost every age has access to achieve firearms illegally, and authorities have long warned about the widespread carrying of Guns and rifles by local citizens.

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