Spark in gun violence forces PM Barzani to order gun business closure

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Gun violence mount forced the Kurdistan Region Prime Minister on Thursday to shut down all armory stores and launch a seizure campaign of unlicensed guns.

Shooting incidents in the Kurdistan Region have witnessed sparking. Two deadly shootings in Erbil have provoked the authorities to reconsider firearms access and its regulation in the Region.

‘Wife and Husband were shot dead’, ‘two University professors were shot dead’. This kind of news title has engulfed the entire Kurdish news outlets throughout this week, shootings and homicides by gun have increasingly turned more common in life of Kurdish people.

Guns availability in the Region’s black market at very cheap prices has marked a significant reason for the rising toll of gun violence, almost every age has access to achieve firearms illegally, and authorities have long warned about the widespread carrying of Guns and rifles by local citizens.

followingly, the Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani has urged to Region’s Ministry of Interior on Thursday to shut down all firearms businesses and released a campaign to eradicate unlicensed guns.

“We do not sacrifice our people and country for the sake of greedy smugglers and perpetrators,” Barzani said.

Barzani has requested the Region’s people to participate in the eradication campaign saying, “We demand our people to hand over their unlicensed guns”

“Later we will deal with the gun issue in accordance with law and reregulate again” Barzani added.

PM Barzani further demanded the courts not tolerate the execution of the law, “I stand firmly with the courts and fully support them”.

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