Gun law in Kurdistan Region has no problem, says MP after Tuesday’s deadly shooting

File – Lawmakers attend a session of Kurdistan Parliament

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Gun violence sparked in Kurdistan Region, at least two deadly shootings took place in the last 24 hours, and a member of the Kurdistan Region parliament said on Tuesday that the gun law has no problem but it occurs within the execution of it.

Member of Security and Interior councils in the Kurdistan Region Parliament Balanbo Mohammed told Esta Media Network in a statement that, the Region has its own certain law for firearms regulation no problems have been marked on the gun law, it is been a short while since the law amended.

“The problem takes place within the execution of the law,” Mohammed said.

Mohammed continued that, “the law has severe punishments for those who carry heavy firearms, meanwhile most of the crimes are carried out with light weapons, “Granting gun license has a fatal issue as well”.

“In Europe, security forces protect the citizens, therefore, nobody has firearms, the same mechanism must be applied in the Kurdistan Region” Mohammed added.

Earlier today, two college professors were shot dead by a fatal deliberate shooting carried out by a student in Erbil. Tuesday’s deadly incident shocked all local authorities in the Region and provoked the general opinion over firearm access law and its regulations.

Homicides from gun violence have gone up, Guns availability in the Region’s black market at very cheap prices has marked a significant reason for the rising toll of gun violence, almost every age has access to achieve firearms illegally, and authorities have long warned about the widespread carrying of Guns and rifles by local citizens.

Following Erbil’s shooting incident the Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani expressed his deepest concern saying, “The Kurdistan Region Ministry of Interior must take any measures to eradicate unlicensed guns”.

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