Two University professors shot dead in Erbil deliberately, say local authorities

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Two University professors have been shot dead in Erbil by a student after he was deliberately opened fire, local authorities have confirmed on Tuesday.

At least three casualties were recorded in a shooting incident in Erbil, dean of law faculty Kawan Ismael as well as lecturer Edris Hama Khan were killed deliberately.

“The suspect has previous criminal records,” said Erbil’s governor Omed Khoshnaw in a press conference following the incident.

“Law professor Kawan Ismael has been shot dead inside Salahdin University, five bullets were fired at him, and a University guard was wounded during the shooting,” Khoshnaw said.

“Engineering professor Edris Hama Khan was shot dead by the same criminal with four bullets, but he was found dead in his own home early in the morning,” Khoshanw added.

Up to this point the suspect has not been detained yet, Esta’s reporter in Erbil said he was fled to an unknown destination.

According to Khoshanw’s words, the criminal was a former student of Soran University who had been dismissed and tried to transfer to Salahadin University in Erbil, thus was led to a quarrel after Kawn Isamel refused to accept his request.

The criminal threatened Ismael several times, therefore, he has filed a lawsuit in court, However, Ismael and the criminal had a trial today but it did not take place due to the shooting, as the consequence, he killed the dean of law faculty and lecturer Hama Khan, as Khoshnaw stated.

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