Global Entrepreneurship Week continues in Sulaimani city  

Global Entrepreneurship Week is held in Sulaimani, November 19, 2020. (Sartep Othman/Esta Media Network)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The Global Entrepreneurship Week held in Sulaimani city this year continued for the second day on Friday with the participation of Kurdish and foreign officials.

The global entrepreneurship week organized by Vim Foundation in collaboration with Mesopotamia Organization in the city of Sulaimani aims to encourage youths to have their business.

Kurdistan Region’s Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani will participate in the first panel of the event. He is expected to discuss Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) efforts to encourage and help entrepreneurs.

There will be two other panels in the afternoon about violence against family and the impact of female entrepreneurs to reduce violence, according to the event’s program.

On Thursday, Deputy Director of Vim Foundation Ahmed Najm told Esta Media Network that the foundation aimed to culturize entrepreneur through such activities in the Kurdistan Region.

Projects from 100 youths would be displayed during the event, Najm noted, adding that the foundation aimed to support 1,100 youths in one year.

The Vim Foundation will continue to hold the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Sulaimani annually, according to foundation’s deputy director.

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