Baghdad airport resumes flights after suspension due to bad weather

In this Dec. 28, 2005 file photo, an Iraqi Airways plane sits on the tarmac at Baghdad International Airport in Iraq. (AP)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Baghdad international airport resumed flights on Wednesday after suspending operations earlier in the day due to bad weather, Iraq’s Civil Aviation authority said.

Spokesman of the Iraqi civil aviation authority told the state news agency INA that the flights had been resumed at Baghdad airport as weather conditions improved.

Earlier, both Baghdad and Najaf airports suspended flights due to bad weather caused by a dust storm.

A wave of dust storm blanketed Iraq again on Wednesday. The latest weather even cast an orange hue over the capital, where it severely restricted visibility and coated buildings and cars in dust.

The dust storm followed similar ones that blew over the country last week and left dozens hospitalized with respiratory problems.

Iraq is particularly vulnerable to climate change, having already witnessed record low rainfall and high temperatures in recent years.

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