Lawmakers start petition to summon ministers of finance, natural resources

File – Lawmakers raise their hands to vote during a session of Kurdistan Parliament

SULAIMANI (ESTA) – A number of Kurdish lawmakers started a petition on Wednesday to summon ministers of finance and natural resources to attend a parliamentary session over salary delays.

Oil prices now surged over 100% compared to the last five years, yet salaries of public servants are delayed, lawmaker Luqman Wardi told ESTA Media Network.

The Kurdistan Region’s revenue for salaries almost completely depends on oil exports, foreign funds and 200 billion Iraqi dinars ($137 million) promised by the federal government.

The federal government, however, has yet to transfer the money to the Kurdistan Region, causing salary delays.

“There was less salary delays when oil prices were at $50 [for one barrel], compared to now when [one barrel] is sold for $100,” lawmaker Luqman Wardi said.

“All the public services have been halted, we consider the KRG and ministry of natural resources responsible for this. While, for issues related to revenue, the finance minister is responsible.”

Ongoing budget disputes between the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Baghdad have fueled salary delays.

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