U.S. provides Peshmerga forces with military equipment

U.S. provides Peshmerga forces with military equipment during a ceremony in Erbil, November 10, 2020. (Anadolu Agency)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The United States provided Peshmerga forces with military equipment including vehicles in Erbil on Tuesday, as the Kurdish forces continue to fight against Islamic State (ISIS) militants.

The U.S. military handed over 150 Humvees and a number of military trucks and equipment including weapons and walkie talkies to the Peshmerga ministry during a ceremony in Erbil.

The equipment was handed over to Infantry Brigades 14 and 16 of the Peshmerga Ministry.

Minister of Peshmerga Shorish Ismael said in a press conference that the U.S. military assistance helps the Peshmerga forces strengthen their ability.

“Today is another historic day,” Ismael said.

“Today, the friendship between the Kurdish and U.S. nations enters a stronger stage by this assistance,” Ismael added. “We hope this partnership will continue.”

U.S. Brigadier General John Teichert said the Peshmerga ministry’s warehouses had been filled with military equipment including weapons, vehicles and radios.

“They’ll make the ministry of Peshmerga even more effective than it already is,” Teichert said in the press conference.

“As you see, this equipment put in action. I want you to think about these pieces of equipment as tangible and lasting science of the commitment of the people of the United States to the people of the Iraqi Kurdish region,” he added.

“The equipment in these warehouses is going to improve the readiness of the Peshmerga, but the real national treasure are those brave men and women forces of the Peshmerga that will use this equipment against a determined adversary,” he continued.

“We are committed partners with you in that effort.”

This is the second U.S. logistic assistance to the Peshmerga forces this year. In September, the United States provided the Kurdish forces with military equipment worth $250 million.

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