Kurdish forces detain group for torching Piramagroon public library

Smoke rises from the building of public library in Piramagroon after protesters set it on fire, November 24, 2021.

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Kurdish security forces detained a group of people involved in torching a public library in a town in northwest of Sulaimani, the directorate of Asayish said on Tuesday.

In November, students took to the streets in the Kurdistan Region, calling on the Kurdish government to resume payment of their monthly stipends suspended since 2015.

In Piramagroon town, a group of people torched the public library and several other government offices.

On Tuesday, the directorate of Asayish in Sulaimani said its forces had arrested a group of people who were behind burning the public library and other the government’s offices in Piramagroon town.

“Some people who were directed took advantage of the protests to disrupt security and tranquility and to create chaos,” said Asayish, which also released confession footage of the detainees appeared to be 18 in the video.

Asayish added that the group had torched the Piramagroon public library, children culture center and the directorates of traffic police and national card.

“We blocked the road until the number increased. We then came to the library and we torched it,” one of the detainees said in the confession footage.

Another detainee said one of the suspects “who came from Ranya held a gun”.

Ranya district is located in 95 kilometers north of Piramagroon.

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