Asayish denies its forces attempted to raid channel in Sulaimani

File – German Village in Sulaimani city

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The directorate of Asayish in Sulaimani denied its forces had attempted to raid a channel located in German village in Sulaimani city late on Thursday.

A spokesman for Asayish told Esta Media Network that a unit of the security forces moved to the area to protect a “prominent figure” of Sulaimani who had been threatened by a number of people driving two vehicles.

“The attackers run away as the Asayish unit arrived there,” the spokesman said.

“The force inside and outside German village stayed there to protect the figure and the residents of the residential area, and the area is not a zone of anybody or any party and will be dealt with as any neighborhood or area of Sulaimani city in the presence of any danger,” he added.

He also rejected reports that the unit had moved there to raid any person or any channel.

NRT channel reported on Thursday night that a unit of the security forces had attempted to intimidate its journalists at the channel’s headquarters in Sulaimani.

Meanwhile, member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) leadership Sherko Mirways said the security forces entered the German village at his request after several people asked about his whereabouts in the German village, where Mirways lives.

“A number of suspected people had asked about my home inside the German village after 10:00 p.m.,” Mirways said in a statement.

“After being informed, the Asayish forces arrived in the area but the suspects escaped,” he added.

“This incident has no relation to NRT channel and they should’ve dealt with the matter professionally and responsibly.”

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