Jordan condemns ISIS attacks killed 13 Iraqi police officers in Kirkuk

Iraqi federal police take up positions in Rashad, southern Kirkuk, on Oct. 13, 2017. (Shutterstock via Washington Post)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Jordan’s ministry of foreign affairs on Sunday condemned an Islamic State (ISIS) attack in Kirkuk province, that killed 13 policemen.

Thirteen Iraqi federal policemen were killed and six others were injured in two separate ISIS attacks in southwest of Kirkuk in the early hours on Sunday.

Spokesman of Jordan’s ministry of foreign affairs and expatriates Haitham Abu al-Foul stressed his country’s “firm position in denouncing all terrorist practices and acts”.

He also affirmed Jordan’s “absolute stand and full solidarity with the brothers in the brotherly Republic of Iraq in the face of everything that threatens its security and stability”.

The Islamic State remnants have increased attacks against civilians and Iraqi forces in the disputed territories, claimed by both Erbil and Baghdad.

In 2017 Baghdad announced victory over the militant group, and attacks in Iraqi cities have since become much rarer, although troops continue to fight ISIS sleeper cells in mountainous and desert areas.

The militants still mount deadly operations, mostly at night and in remote areas.

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