Fifth Sulaimani international film festival postponed to November

The fifth Sulaimani International Film Festival delayed due to early elections in Iraq

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The fifth Sulaimani international film festival was postponed to next month due to the upcoming elections in Iraq, according to the festival’s commission.

In a statement, the Commission of Sulaimani International Film Festival said it had decided to hold the festival on November 11-17.

It added that the festival was delayed due to the early parliamentary elections in Iraq, scheduled for October 10.

The fourth Sulaimani international film festival was held on October 1-7 in 2019, in which 120 films from 57 countries were screened.

The festival has attracted filmmakers, actors, cinema journalists and programmers from other international film festivals including Oscar qualifying festivals such as Nashville, Atlanta, Rio De Janeiro, Tampere, Docville, Krakow and Animafest Zagreb, according to the festival’s site.

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