Iraqi forces detain ‘terrorist’ in Kirkuk in coordination with Kurdish agency: military  

Members of Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Forces

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Iraqi security forces detained a “terrorist” in Kirkuk province after receiving information from the Kurdish intelligence agency in the Kurdistan Region, Iraq’s military said on Tuesday.

Iraq’s Joint Operations Command said it had received information from the intelligence agency in Sulaimani about the presence of a “terrorist” in Kirkuk province.

The security forces detained the “terrorist” who was transporting explosive devices inside Kirkuk, it said in a statement.

As many as 31 other wanted persons were also detained, it added. The security forces seized three explosive devices, explosive materials and rockets.

The Iraqi security forces have detained dozens of Islamic State (ISIS) suspects in coordination with the Kurdish forces in the past months.

In 2017 Baghdad announced victory over the militant group, and attacks in Iraqi cities have since become much rarer, although troops continue to fight ISIS sleeper cells in mountainous and desert areas.

The militants still mount deadly operations, mostly at night and in remote areas.

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