Kurdish forces detain five suspects for stealing two ancient manuscripts

Security forces in Sulaimani detain five suspects for stealing two ancient religious books

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The Kurdish security forces detained a group of suspects in Sulaimani city for stealing two ancient religious manuscripts, authorities said on Monday.

Units of the security forces carried out an operation to detain five suspects on June 17 based on information and investigations, the directorate of Asayish said in a statement.

The suspects were accused of stealing and trading two antique Bible and Torah manuscripts, according to Asayish.

“The [manuscripts] history goes back thousands of years and their prices are tens of thousands of dollars,” the directorate said.

The suspects brought the manuscripts, written on skins by gold ink, to Sulaimani city from areas in southern Iraq, the directorate added.

“They intended to take them outside the Kurdistan Region,” it stated.

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