Security forces in Sulaimani seize 207 kilograms of drugs  

Security forces in Sulaimani detain three suspects during two separate operations

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Security forces in Sulaimani seized 207 kilograms of narcotics in the province, according to the directorate of Asayish.

The directorate of Asayish in Sulaimani released confession video of three suspects on Monday.

The security forces seized the drugs including heroin and opium during two separate operations in the province, it added.

The three suspects, 43, 37 and 35, are residents of Duhok province, according to the directorate.

The security forces seized more than 555 kilograms of narcotics including heroin, methamphetamine and hashish in 2020, according to the Region’s directorate of anti-narcotics.

Kurdish officials have warned that drug trafficking threatens to become an epidemic if anti-narcotics forces fail to curtail its rise in the Kurdistan Region.

According to security officials, some of the drugs that they seize are imported illegally from Iran.

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