Kurdish interior minister says criminals don’t fear courts due to ‘tribal reconciliation’

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Kurdistan Region’s Minister of Interior Rebar Ahmed said on Tuesday ‘tribal reconciliation’ has made it easier for criminals not to be afraid of courts.

The Kurdistan Parliament held a session earlier on Tuesday to discuss an increase in suicide and murder, including femicide, in the Kurdistan Region.

The parliament summoned the interior minister and the minister of culture and youth during the session.

Responding to lawmakers, Ahmed said he acknowledged that there were problems of murder and suicide in the Region, adding that some issues must be solved.

“For example, tribal reconciliation has made criminals not be afraid of courts,” the minister said.

“There are many problems, which have been identified and have left a negative impact on society,” he added, noting that there were some television programs that had replaced courts to make decisions on “the guiltiness and innocence of people”.

Ahmed also called on families in the Kurdistan region to take their responsibilities for raising their children.

“Families should take their responsibilities because the statistics of murder and crimes had reduced during quarantine last year because parents were at home and took care of their children. This shows that part of the duty is on families and people,” he said.

Regarding crimes committed by guns belonging to the ministries of interior and Peshmerga, Ahmed said the Region needed to have a program which doesn’t allow members of the two ministries to take their weapons home when they are not on duty.

“Because part of the crimes was committed by guns of both ministries,” the minister said. “Today, we don’t have a place to save the weapons so that they won’t be taken home and no crimes will be committed by them.”

He further said the number of murder was lower than the 1,209 cases of self-immolation between 2009 and 2021, noting that: “It shows that the big problem is education and the role of family in the direction of individuals’ psychology.”

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