Kurdish Poet Ahmed Dilzar dies at 101

File – Kurdish Poet Ahmed Dilzar

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Kurdish Poet Ahmed Dilzar passed away at the age of 101 in Erbil on Saturday.

Dilzar was born in Koya district on January 8, 1920 to what he said a poor family.

“I was born in Koya in the evening on January 8, 1920 to a well-known family but poor. It was when the World War I had just ended, and there was hardness in Kurdistan and a dozen people died daily. I was with my mother those days,” Dilzar said in a letter about his life.

He admired Persian poems, and epics his father translated and read to him before he enrolled in school, he added.

Dilzar learned reading and writing in the age of 7 with Mala Asaad and he entered school in 1929, according the letter. He left school in 1943 and enlisted in the Iraq Army.

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