In rare relation, two Kurdish men been friends for over 75 years

Mam Hussein and Mam Mawloud pose for a picture in Khurman

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Mam Hussein and Mam Mawloud have been friends for over 75 years in a rare relation for two persons to remain in touch that long.

The two men, born in 1941 in the village of Elanpe in the Kurdistan Region’s district of Khurmal, have been friends since they were five years, according to a person close to them.

“People see them every day. If one of them comes out alone, they will ask him where the other is because it is odd to see one of them alone,” the person told Esta Media Network.

The two have been together in most of the stages of life, even when they served in military in 1961. They also got married in the same year, 1967.

After evacuation of villages during Ba’ath regime, Mam Hussein and Mam Mawloud left to Khurmal city in 1987 and they resided there.

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