A US company and a British-American institute were attacked in Baghdad

SULAIMANI – (ESTA) Iraqi media published that a US company and a British-American institute had been attacked in Baghdad.

According to Iraqi media، a US company was targeted in Baghdad’s Jadriya area this morning، and the British-American Cambridge Institute was targeted in the Palestinian area of Baghdad.

The Security Media Cell stated in a statement that “a sonic bomb exploded at 01:20 in front of the Caterpillar Company in the Jadriya area, and at 01:30 another sonic bomb exploded in front of the Cambridge Institute on Palestine Street, in the middle of a residential area in the capital, Baghdad, without any human or material damage.”.

The Cell added, “Such actions are desperately trying to harm Iraq’s reputation، the tangible direction of reconstruction and serving citizens, as well as the status and sacrifices of our security forces.”.

“The heroic security forces, with their various titles and intelligence agencies, will pursue and reach all those who tamper with security and societal peace and transgress the law and public and private property.”.

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