PUK President receives US Ambassador in Sulaimani

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) President Bafel Talabani received the US Ambassador to Iraq, Alina L. Romanowski, in Sulaimani on Wednesday, according to his office.

The pair discussed the latest political, economic, and security changes, stressing persisting national and constructive dialogue with the aim of resolving the problems and maintaining the region’s stability.

Regarding the forthcoming parliamentary elections of the Kurdistan Region, Talabani told the Ambassador that the PUK’s strategy and policy are “straightforward” toward this issue, his office said in a statement.

“From the very beginning, we supported holding elections on time,” He said, according to the statement.

Talabani also underlined that they only support a pure election without interference, noting, “This is only possible as long as there is a robust and new electoral commission.”

“There is still time. The issue could be decided by compromise which is the desire of the most political parties,” He added.

In the meantime, Talabani pointed out that the judicial authority of the Kurdistan Region has been weakened due to party meddling.

“This is a dangerous development and should be stopped.”

Regarding the relationships between Erbil and Baghdad Talabani stated that “Collaborations with our friends in Baghdad and expanding various coordination are vital factors for Kurdistan’s survival.”

Talabani further stated that the current political situation of the Kurdistan Region will not serve any party.

“We will not be able to terminate this situation unless we cease to use the mindset of autocracy and imposition,” He continued.

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