US forces reaffirm their continued support for Kurdistan

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Information Agency Director Jalal Sheikh Naji on Tuesday received a delegation from the US special forces in Sulaimani’s Qalachwalan.

In a meeting, the two sides discussed the latest military and security developments, including intelligence coordination with the Iraqi forces, according to a press release.

They also underscored boosting assistance for the sake of stability and protecting high interests.

In the meantime, Sheikh Naji said “positive step” regarding the ongoing collaborations between the security forces in the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad, as well as the Global Coalition forces to maintain security.

“As a result, dozens of fruitful military and security operations have been carried out which affected the security situation,” He said, according to the press release.

“We will strengthen this relation, and certainly sustain it,” He added.

In turn, the commander of the US Special Forces team reaffirmed their continued support for providing advice and improving the intelligence capabilities of the Kurdistan Region.

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