Sulaimani Newroz Marathon draws thousands of participants from Iraq

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Sulaimani International Newroz Marathon was launched early Monday morning in the city of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, with thousands participating in the event.

The marathon consists of two different parts: a 21km race taking place around Sulaimani’s 60m road, and a 5km run,  sponsored by the “InSlemani” platform.

Early in the morning, the 21km race began in light, clean fresh weather of the last day of winter, with runners set to take a lap around Sulaimani’s 60m road.

The first placeholders in the 21km will be awarded 1000$. The event was carried out as part of celebrations of the Kurdish new year of Newroz eve.

The winners were as follows:

Men’s 21km

Hussein Hsam Esam, from Iraq’s Baghdad

Women’s 21km

Diana Karim Saad, From Baghdad

Men’s 5km

Mustafa Muhsien, from Baghdad

Women’s 5km

Narjs Hussein, from Baghdad

Newroz is a significant day for Kurds all over the globe as it marks the start of spring and signifies the first day of the Kurdish New Year.


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