Certain ‘outlaws’ had enjoyed impunity in Sulaimani, woman calls for justice

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SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Sulaimani Security Forces (Asayish) earlier announced that it had arrested dozens of “outlaws” in mansions outside of Sulaimani city, which were exploited for illicit business as well.

Asayish in a statement on Wednesday stated it had seized several mansions outside Sulaimani which have been exploited for illicit business and keeping dozens of outlaws who were wanted by the court, enjoying impunity.

It added that Asayish had also seized several silencers, illegal drugs, and proof of the formation of illegal armed forces outside the Kurdistan Region’s established laws at the mansions’ site.

“The case has taken legal proceedings and further investigations have been initiated,” the statement said.

The suspects who were arrested by Asayish at the mansions were also accused of murder charges, a woman speaking before Sulaimani court in a press conference revealed on Friday.

“In December 2021, the outlaws who Asayish had recently arrested had shot my husband dead near the mansions for no reason after he was allegedly driving near the mansions and severely injured a colleague of my husband,” the woman said.

She added stated that following the incident the “perpetrators had taken the hard drives of the CCTV cameras near the incident site [the mansions], and they [the outlaws] had enjoyed impunity for more than a year because of a certain individual.”

Moreover, the woman thanked the Asayish forces for arresting the “outlaws”, calling for justice for her innocent husband who left three kids after he was shot dead back then.

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