PUK President participates in ‘key’ meeting with Sectary-General of U.N. – statement

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The media office of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) President Bafel Talabani said the president participated in a key meeting of the Iraqi political figures with the Sectary-General of the United Nations in Baghdad.

“In the meeting, constructive discussions in the direction of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq development were held,” read a statement by the media office of Talabani.

“Succeeding the national efforts were stressed to protect the rights of all Iraqi nations and offering more service in the country,” the statement added.

It also revealed that Talabani had patriated after receiving an invitation from the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mohammed Al-Sudani.

Moreover, Talabani appreciated The U.N. Secretary-General’s positive role and the international body’s coordination and assistance in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, according to the statement.

In the meantime, the PUK President reiterated the enduring coordination and ties between the political forces to serve the people and stability in the country.

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