PUK President welcomes U.S. Ambassador in Baghdad

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan President (PUK), Bafel Talabani, welcomed the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, Alina Romanowski, in Baghdad on Thursday.

The media office of the PUK President revealed in a statement Talabani in a meeting with Romanowski discussed the political and economic situation of Iraq.

They also stressed addressing Erbil-Baghdad outstanding issues, according to the statement.

It also added that president Talabani mentioned the PUK’s steps to mark the end of the disputes between Erbil and Baghdad and initiate a new political phase.

“The main victim of the disputes are our people and must put the end to this undesirable situation,” Talabani said.

“The constitution must be the deciding point for a fundamental resolution of the disputes,” he added.

Moreover, the statement said that Talabani explained the situation of the Kurdistan Region and its citizens to the Ambassador.

“We endeavoring to secure a stable and tranquil life for our people,” and “The people’s life is above anything else.”

Talabani also spoke about holding the Kurdistan Region parliamentary election, adding, “We are not in favor of postponing the elections,” he said.

However, the president stated, “The electoral law should be amended and the voters’ list should be reorganized.”

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