Counter-Terrorism units destroy several hostels of ISIS in Kirkuk

Logo of Kurdistan’s Counter-Terrorism Group (CTG)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Several hostels of the Islamic State (ISIS) remnants were destroyed as a result of a joint anti-terror operation in Kirkuk on Friday between the Kurdish and Iraqi Counter-Terrorism units. 

Kurdistan’s Counter-Terrorism Group (CTG) and the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service (ICTS), have conducted a joint operation against the remnants of the ISIS militants.

The operation targeted hostels of the terrorists which they exploited to carry out hit-and-run attacks against civilians and the security forces in Kirkuk’s Daquq sub-district.

No exchange of fire was reported during the operation.

ISIS took over vast swathes of Iraq in 2014. The group was declared territorially defeated in 2017, but since losing its last significant piece of territories it has resorted to guerrilla attacks.

Its remaining thousands of militants have in recent years mostly hid out in remote hinterlands of the country though they are still capable of carrying out insurgent-style attacks.

The group’s remnants are particularly active in the so-known disputed areas between the Kurdish and Iraqi governments, stretching across several provinces including Kirkuk, Salahaddin, and Diyala.

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