PUK President undertakes treatment of ill Child from Rojava’s Afrin

File – The ill child pictured near a generator in the city of Afrin to retain power for his ventilator that keeps him alive as the siege led to power shortage.

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) President, Bafel Talabani, has decided to undertake the treatment of a child from Rojava who suffered from chronological illness, said Talabani’s office on Thursday.

A five-year-old child who is from Rojava’s Afrin in Syria suffers from a chronological illness and requires persisting medical care.

His health condition has recently worsened as the ill child was not able to get medicine due to the siege imposed by the Syrian government and the state of Turkey on north-eastern Syria (Rojava).

The child also needs to be on a ventilator without interruption due to his illness, but the siege has made his family unable to provide a constant one.

The office in a statement announced that President Talabani undertook all treatment of the child including providing a ventilator.

Talabani was in Rojava in the past two days where he met with Mazloum Abdi, the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), in the city of Koabni.

Moreover, Talabani on Wednesday met with the co-leaders of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), Salih Muslim and Asya Abdulla where they emphasized on “Unity of Kurds” in all parts of Kurdistan.

The President’s visit to Rojava was amid Turkey’s aerial offensives against the Kurdish groups in Rojava.


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