Turkish drone strike hits SDF convoy

File – Members of Kurdish Asayish forces in northern Syria (SDF)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — A Turkish drone strike hit the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) convoy in northern Syria on Saturday night.

Local media affiliated with the SDF confirmed the attack which took place in Amuda district’s village of Sanjak Sheikh.

They did not provide more information about the attack.

However, Kurdistan Counter-Terrorism service said the attack resulted in the Killing of two SDF members, including a commander, and left two others injured.

The attack came as Turkey has been recently continuously warned against new ground military incursion into northern Syria against the Kurdish militants in spite of Ankara that ramped up its aerial offensives there.

The U.S.-led coalition has backed the SDF with air strikes, military equipment, and advisers since 2017, first helping it wrest back territory from IS and then supporting clearing operations against jihadist sleeper cells.


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