Asayish seizes tremendous pieces of smuggled firearms

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The Directorate of Sulaimani Security Forces (Asayish) on Tuesday announced the seizure of tremendous pieces of smuggled firearms.

Asayish in a statement said it thwarted a smuggling attempt of thousands of pieces of firearms the previous Thursday in the southeast of the city of Sulaimani at Arbat checkpoint.

The arms were seized in two separate operations by the security forces part of them was inside a suspect’s vehicle in the checkpoint, consisting of 600 pieces of AK-47 weapons, and 250 pistols with more than six thousand bullets, according to the statement.

Meanwhile, the other part was discovered after they were able to locate an illegal “secret” armory following the mentioned operation in which thousands of firearms pieces were stored, Asayish did not elaborate more.

In the meantime, Asayish has seized a load of smuggled weapons from the same armory in Sulaimani’s Chamchamal district that was prepared to be smuggled.



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