Court punishes twelve convicts for drug, terror-related crimes

A member of the Kurdish Asayish security force in Sulaimani, March 14, 2020. (AFP)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — At least twelve suspects were punished Wednesday who was charged by the court over drug-related as well as terror-related crimes, according to a statement from local authorities.

“The twelve were convicted by the presidency of Kirkuk criminal court, facing punishment,” the Garmian Directorate of the Security Forces (Asayish) in a statement said.

The Court’s decision was followed by a campaign that had been launched by Garmian Asayish recently during which it detained twelve over drug-related crimes, and among whom two of them were detained for terror-related crimes.

“The court decided to punish them [The twelve suspects] after dozens of court hearings. In the meantime, despite exhibiting the shreds of evidence, they admitted to their crimes,” it said.

Elaborating more on the decision it further said the ten were punished, and they have to serve some years in prison, starting from one to five.

Meanwhile, the two remained suspects were punished to serve five years in prions. They were charged with attempting to join the ISIS terror group.

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