Five people injured in oil refinery fire in Erbil

An oil refinery in Erbil province (Social media)

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — Five people were injured after an oil refinery caught fire in Erbil province, the directorate of civil defense said on Sunday.

The Civil Defense Directorate said a fire at an oil refinery on Gwer road, south of Erbil, left five people including an 8-year-old child in hospital.

The fire broke out after a tanker truck emptied its fuel at the refinery, the directorate said in a statement.

“The civil defense team brought the fire under control as they arrived there,” it added.

The child sustains 64% burn injuries and a 33-year-old man has 56% burns, the statement read. The three others have 10%, 8% and 24% burn injuries.

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