PUK President vows to support Sudani’s government

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Bafel Talabani has sent out a congratulatory message to Mohammed Shia’ al-Sudani for being elected as the new Prime Minister of Iraq whose cabinet was approved by the Parliament on Thursday.    

The Iraqi Council of Representatives has given its confidence in a new government, ending more than a year of deadlock.

Prime Minister Sudani, 52, who previously served as Iraq’s human rights minister as well as minister of labor and social affairs, will head the new government.

President Talabani has offered his warmest congratulations to Prime Minister Sudani for his new task, and for gaining the confidence of the parliament, according to the message.

He further said that this is a “new hopeful beginning” to implement the constitutional measures for offering services and building a more stable future in the country.

President Talabani also vowed to support Sudani’s government agenda as long as it works to fulfill the “high objectives”.

“PUK has complete faith in coordination and joint work for the sake of succeeding the new government’s agenda, the reform process, and strengthening the pillars of the statehood,” he said.

“I extended my support for fulfilling the high objectives, and bolstering the national relations which seeing itself in protecting the constitutional rights of the Kurdish people with the rest other Iraqi nations, and offering more service as well as harmony and coexistence,” he added.

Moreover, Talabani hoped that the new government meet the people’s demands and step in the direction of building a “brighter future”.

“We hope the new government meet the people’s demands and desires, steeping toward building a brighter future.”

In the meantime, Kurdistan Region Deputy Premier Qubad Talabani has also congratulated Sudani for the same occasion, a press release from his office said.

“I was delighted that once again I have another opportunity to work together, I am confident you can be at the level of such responsibility that all of us help each other and promise to coordinate towards success,” the Deputy Premier told PM Sudani.

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