Iraqi parliament renews confidence in parliament speaker

Speaker of Iraqi Council of Representatives Mohammed al-Halbousi

SULAIMANI (ESTA) — The State News Agency on Wednesday reported that the Iraqi council of representatives voted to renew the confidence in the parliament speaker after he submitted his resignation on Monday.

Iraqi parliament renewed the confidence in parliament speaker Mohammed al-Halbousi after he sublimated his resignation to the chamber, the Iraqi News Agency said.

The chamber on Wednesday held its first session after the deadly clashes in Baghdad which killed 30 people when mass protests took place in the capital’s fortified Green Zone.

Out of 235 members in the chamber, only 13 MPs have voted for the resignation of al-Halbousi, according to INA.

The second agenda of Today’s session is to elect the first deputy speaker which has been held by the Sadrist movement MP but vacated the position when the party withdrew from the parliament.


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